Time For Tide

Tide for time
Quarter ebb to salty wound
Running out
On the soles of necessity

A boundless leap
Before the endless black
And with Orion as my witness
Into plumes of azure I follow

Hellhounds scream recompense
From beyond the precipice of nothingness
Heralding the seabeast
And his keeper

I trudge through the deluge
And let a question slip
Through the salt on my fingers
On the turbulence of my breath

“Watch your step,” she countered
“There is no graver way to subside,
than to give in to the deep
whilst burning inside”

I see the beast flicker in ember
Lost in a haze
Cascading from behind the curtain
Simmering in wait

Fiery droplets seep to the surface
But to the touch serve no purpose
Other than to mitigate
The severity of thought

I think of the silent stead
In return from a figment
To a fragment

Of the tentacles laid bare
Ripped at the seams
The ones that lay dormant

The keeper reasons with the kept:

“You fear a spectre,
a shadow of morbid tidings
– fear instead,
the morbidity of lividity”

But I’m shacked under
The weight of it all
The depth of it all

As if to feel
For a fleeting moment
Those shackles might dissolve
Under the right pressure

Swirls of bitter truths sulk northward
Over our heads
Above my station

I clutch for a sliver
So that I might breathe again
“Deliver me from this abyss,
and I will make it count”

In vain, I plead a broken mantra:
” I ‘ l l . M a k e . I t . C o u n t .”

The keeper need not reply
I can see it from the sadness in her eyes
The kind of melancholy that never truly leaves
The kind that ebbs and flows with the tide

With a deflated smile
She sends me on my way


I can see as far
As six fathoms deep
To a broken step

And so I shiver a sigh
And say my goodbyes
It must be time for tide


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